Feedback on the Congress of December 14th

On December 14th 2018 we held our first Congress, highlighting the stakes regarding the development of skills for home helpers. This event was organized by the IRFSS Nouvelle-Aquitaine and gathered about sixty participants. It was opened by the deputy mayor of Bègles, Fabienne Fédou, and by the regional president of the French Red-Cross, Bertrand Rousseau.

Homecare workers, experts, representatives of health and home care sector, training stakeholders, professional organizations, decision-makers, students… about sixty participants discovered the productions of the project and debated about this theme.

Olivier Frézet, Ingrid Lauvray, Nicolas Brugère and Pierre Mérigaud

Led by the president of the think & do tank Pour La Solidarité, Denis Stokkink, a rich and dynamic round table gathered four contributors: Ingrid Lauvray (Homecare Representative for the French Red-Cross), Nicolas Brugère (Doctor, Mayor Deputy of Bordeaux for Health, Senior citizens and Autonomy), Olivier Frézet (Medicosocial Director at the Bagatelle Healthcare Center of Bordeaux) and Pierre Merigaud (Director of Autonom’lab, a living lab on healthcare and autonomy innovation based in Limoges, France). This round table confirmed the importance of training for the homecare workers.

Sandrine Glanger and Laurent Launay

The viewing of the ATHOME movie, promoting the profession of home helpers, was followed by testimonies of two home helpers involved in the project through AMSAD, Sandrine Glanger and Laurent Launay.

In the late morning we focused on the importance of skills development for Europe, through the contributions of Sylvain Sherpereel, Research Officer at the French Erasmus+ Agency, and Mariela de Ferrari, author of the AEFA guide (

Mariela de Ferrari

In the afternoon, the participants followed two workshops. In the first one, they discovered the first versions the two other productions: the MOOC and the mobile app. In the second one, they learned how to assess themselves on their interdisciplinary skills with Mariela de Ferrari.




The next big ATHOME event will take place in Brussels in October 2019 and will present all the productions of the project. To be continued…

Bertrand Rousseau


Sylvain Scherpereel